Our Current Curiosity Stock

Dolls house in Georgian Style   Inside of Dolls House
Large Sailing Boat   Victorian Dolls Pram
American Childs Pedal Car (abour 1940) (SOLD)   Victorian childs barrow
Banford Crank water pump   Penny farthing bicycle (about 1860-1880 with 56" wheel)
1913 gents 3 wheel bicycle  
Medival Sword (possibly from statue)
Machinery Seats including wooods
Pit saw with wooden frame
2 oak port barrels (SOLD)
Lister 1.5hp engine on portable frame
4 wheel farm cart with turn table
Clothes magle by lion
Unusual factory clock by international. Time rec. Co. with large metal wheel with number 1-149, 2-160 and bell punch. Also ordinary clock
Stone Trough
Square Stone Trough
4 & 5 Gallon metal cans, also aluminium 10 gal cans
2 Cast iron plant stands
2 D'End Stone Troughs
1 D'End Stone Troughs
Early 1780-1800 Cuckoo Clock, 30 hour with oil painting of Deer & man with gun on gold frame.
Slate Fireplace Surrounds (Cast Iron Insets Avaiable)
  Coustail Pump (John Stevenson Dungannon)

Metal Candle Stick Holder - circia 1780c   Coustail Pump Dugan & Lyttle Plumbers, Lisburn
2 Rush Lights (1760c)  
3 Storey Dolls House Complete with Furnishings
2 Victorian Red Block Wall Fonts
Victorian Mahogany Spinning Wheel
Hanging Oil Lamp
Stage Prop - Canon
Old Whiskey Barrels  
Selection of Victorian Chimney Pots
Pair of Horse Trap Wheels
Sandstone with Masonic Emblems
Copper milk Pial, Also set of Horse Bells
Tall Square Chimney Pots
Selection of Pots and Buckets
  Selection of Border Fine Arts
Set of Imperial Haystack Measures by Austin & sons 94 North Main St Cork.   Early thatching Needle