Our Current Chest/Dresser Stock

Early oak Georgian Carved Oak Blanket Box   Light Mahogany Davenport
Mahogany Bookcase Top on 2x3 Chest of drawers  
Large Mirrorback Mahogany Sideboard with 4 doors & 1 door. With carved head of Sir Walter Relaigh on top of Mirror.
20 Door Pitch Pine Press, for holding glasses etc
Large 3 door pine wardrobe with shelves inside.
1 of selection of, 2 over 3 Pine Chest Drawers.
Pair Pine Pot Cupbaord With Small Gallery Glass Door Press at top.
Selection of Pine Blanket Boxes
Continental 2 Door Painted Wardrobe (Sold)

Pine 2 x 2 Dressing Mirror
3 Door Contintental Wardrobe with one Side Shelved(Knockdown with Drawers in Base.)
Victorian 2 Panel Doors with Bottom Drawer

Large Pine Kitchen Press with 2 Top doors Fittes Shelves. 2 Bottom Doors all paelled

Size - 99" x 74"x 23"

Selection Painted pIne Chest Drawers   Painted Pine Wash stand with wash hand basin fitted
Pine Corner Press   Painted Pine base with bookcase top
Painted Pine Antrim press with 4 doors & 2 drawers   Painted Pine Wardrobe with Drawer
15 drawer Pine wall press   Unusual Mahogany 2 shelf Lyreside Dumb Waiter on Pillar
Pitch Pine 3 Shelf Dumb Waiter